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Learning to Learn

We have all been there. The instructor is jumping all over our case and we start thinking "can I do any of it right?" That instructor is trying to do everything in their power to give you everything they have. They WANT you to succeed. the question is, how do you more forward after that lesson. There is one question you have to ask yourself after a tough lesson.

My trainer just gave me everything they had in that lesson, what can I do that will show them that I am giving everything I have to be better?

After your trainer just poured into you, what can you pour into you? Focus on what they got the most worked up about. What can you do outside of the saddle to ensure that, that issue can be corrected.

I had a lessons this weekend that were tough, my hips were on fire and I had trouble concentrating on what was being said because I was struggling to get my legs around my horse. My coach was getting heated. Do you let that get you down or do you use this to your advantage? I immediately said, "this is an issue in my body and I need to address it with help from my chiropractor, body worker, and gym (plain hard work)." I vowed that next lesson would not be the same issue.

Your trainer cannot do everything for you. They can point out what they see, what you need to be doing, and when you need to be doing it, but they cannot do it for you. If you take their pushing as an insult, it will hinder you. Know that your coach is there to watch you succeed, help them help you.

Disclaimer (Because I know someone will say something): Yes I know that there are abusive trainers out there. It is your job to choose a coach that you feel in your heart is working in YOUR best interest. Your instructor raising their voice as you are on the edge of getting it, is not the same and the coach who is attacking you on a personal level (I guess you will never get this, I guess you are not smart enough to get this, maybe this is not your sport if you cannot get this, etc.). What you feel is right for you is ONLY up to you.

How are you going to improve before your next lesson? What can you do to improve the issue? What help do you need to succeed?


  • Ask questions

  • Ask for help

  • Research, Research, Research

  • Read, Read, Read

  • Watch Videos

  • Watch other's lessons

  • Watch your videoed rides

  • Seek alternative help (Personal Trainers, Nutritionists (lack of strength/energy because of diet?), Chiropractors, Body Workers, Sports Phycologists, etc.)

  • Watch top competitors

  • Watch the warmup arena

  • Learn yourself by keeping a journal

  • Learn your horse by keeping a journal

I would love to read your comments below on what you do to enhance your learning!

Did you know that Deirdre is also a personal trainer and nutritionist? You can work with her completely online HERE. Get equestrian focused work with Deirdre Sabo right at your fingertips.

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